Conference on PDE and numerical analysis

28 - 30 April, 2022

Centre for Applicable Mathematics

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bangalore

TIFR-CAM is organizing a conference on "PDEs and Numerical Analysis" from 28-30 April, 2022 in online mode. The theme of the conference is broadly in the area of PDEs, their analysis and applications, and computational methods for PDE and other related areas. The program consists of invited talks by experts from applied mathematics and applied sciences departments.

This conference is organized in memory of Prof. A. S. Vasudeva Murthy who met an untimely death due to Covid on April 29, 2021. A few months prior to his death, he had retired from TIFR CAM after a long career beginning with his PhD. Vasu, as he was popularly known, was a dear friend and colleague to us and also to many other people in various other departments and institutes in India and abroad. During his lifetime, he touched the lives of many of us as a colleague, collaborator and friend. Given the current circumstances, we are organizing this conference in online mode in order to allow a large number of his collaborators/students to participate in this event.


The conference will be in online mode via Zoom. There is no registration fee but registration is required to obtain the Zoom links for participation. To register, please fill this form before 26 April 2022.


  1. Amit Apte, IISER Pune

  2. Sheetal Dharmatti, IISER Trivandrum

  3. Thirupathi Gudi, IISc Bangalore

  4. Akhlaq Husain, BML Munjal Univ.

  5. Ameya Jagtap, Brown Univ.

  6. Naoto Kumano-go, Kogakuin Univ.

  7. B. V. Rathish Kumar, IIT Kanpur

  8. Siddhartha Mishra, ETH Zurich

  9. Phani Motamarri, IISc Bangalore

  10. A. K. Nandakumaran, IISc Bangalore

  11. Ravi Nanjundiah, IISc Bangalore and IITM Pune

  12. P. A. Lakshmi Narayana, IIT Hyderabad

  13. Neela Nataraj, IIT Bombay

  14. Amiya K. Pani, IIT Bombay

  15. Kamana Porwal, IIT Delhi

  16. Deep Ray, Univ. of Southern California

  17. Souvik Roy, Univ. of Texas at Arlington

  18. J. Srinivasan, IISc Bangalore

  19. Natesan Srinivasan, IIT Guwahati

  20. Pratik Suchde, Univ. Luxembourg

  21. Vidar Thomée, Chalmers Univ. & Univ. of Gothenburg

  22. Dootika Vats, IIT Kanpur

Schedule of talks

Times given below are in Indian Time (IST).

---------- 28 April 2022 ----------

Session Chair: Prashanth K. Srinivasan

09:25 -- 09:30, Inauguration of the Conference by Prof. K. Sandeep, Dean, TIFR Centre for Applicable Mathematics

09:30 -- 10:15, J. Srinivasan: An account of the exploration of the “lifted minimum phenomena” by Prof. Vasudeva Murthy [Video]

10:15 -- 11:00, Deep Ray: Deep learning-based posterior inference for inverse problems [Video]

11:00 -- 11:45, A. K. Nandakumaran: Exact Controllability for a Problem with Imperfect Interface via Hilbert Uniqueness Method [Video]

11:45 -- 12:30, Thirupathi Gudi: Finite Element Analysis of a Non-self adjoint and a Non-Local elliptic problem [Video]

12:30 -- 14:00, Lunch Break

Session Chair: Mythily Ramaswamy & Praveen Chandrashekar

14:00 -- 14:45, Amiya K. Pani: On Fractional in Time Evolution Problems: Some Theoretical and Computational Studies [Video]

14:45 -- 15:30, Vidar Thomée: On Positivity Preservation in Finite Element Methods for the Heat Equation

15:30 -- 16:15, Pratik Suchde: Meshfree methods for fluid flow and applications in the automotive industry [Video]

---------- 29 April 2022 ----------

Session Chair: K. T. Joseph

09:30 -- 10:15, Souvik Roy: A Fokker-Planck feedback control framework for optimal personalized therapies in colon cancer-induced angiogenesis [Video]

10:15 -- 11:00, Neela Nataraj: Lowest-order equivalent nonstandard finite element methods for biharmonic plate

11:00 -- 11:45, Ravi Nanjundiah: Errors in Time-splitting for Numerical Integration of Semilinear Ordinary Differential Equations [Video]

11:45 -- 13:00, Social Event - Remembering Vasu

13:00 -- 14:00, Lunch Break

Session Chair: P. S. Datti

14:00 -- 14:45, Siddhartha Mishra: Physics informed Machine Learning [Video]

14:45 -- 15:30, Amit Apte: Machine learning methods in data assimilation [Video]

15:30 -- 16:15, Kamana Porwal: Pointwise adaptive quadratic finite element method for the elliptic obstacle problem [Video]

16:15 -- 17:00, Phani Motamarri: Massively parallel finite-element based density-functional theory calculations on hybrid CPU-GPU architectures for large-scale quantum modeling of materials [Video]

---------- 30 April 2022 ----------

Session Chair: Sreekar Vadlamani & Praveen Chandrashekar

09:30 -- 10:15, Ameya Jagtap: Physics-Informed Neural Networks: A new paradigm for learning physical laws [Video]

10:15 -- 11:00, Dootika Vats: Efficient Bernoulli factory MCMC for intractable posteriors [Video]

11:00 -- 11:45, Naoto Kumano-go: Phase space Feynman path integrals of parabolic type with general functionals [Video]

11:45 -- 12:30, Akhlaq Husain: Stokes equations with non-standard boundary conditions on three dimensional domains [Video]

12:30 -- 14:00, Lunch Break

Session Chair: K. Sandeep

14:00 -- 14:45, Rathish Kumar: Subgrid variational multiscale stabilized finite element analysis of coupled Navier-Stokes-Transport model

14:45 -- 15:30, Sheetal Dharmatti: Coupled systems of phase field Models and Optimal Control [Video]

15:30 -- 16:15, Natesan Srinivasan: Robust Numerical Schemes for Singularly Perturbed Parabolic PDEs with Discontinuous Convection Coefficient and Source Term

16:15 -- 17:00, P. A. Lakshmi Narayana: On the nonlinear stability of some flows in porous media

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